Flavours School of Cookery

Fish Wives at Flavours School of Cookery

The latest event on the Fish Wives winter program took place at Flavours School of Cookery in Bournemouth when seven Fish Wives and friends enjoyed a gourmet dinner preceded by a demonstration of filleting and butterflying trout by the owner and chef Desmond.

It became apparent, quite early-on in the evening, that the Fish Wives wanted to be ‘hands on’ and chef Des encouraged them to don aprons and ‘have a go’ themselves.

There followed a half-hour or so of entertaining ribaldry as chef Des demonstrated a somewhat ill-informed knowledge of fly fishing and the life of the trout.  He was corrected by his audience, on more than one occasion, but took it all in good humour safe in the knowledge that he would get his revenge when the Fish Wives attempted to emulate his amazing filleting skills.

All in all, the Fish Wives did a reasonable job of filleting the rainbows but the dish that Des created from them was outstanding.

Des’ wife Amy; who is front of house at their successful cookery school, together with her team of  helpers served a wonderful meal. Crispy, pan-fried, trout fillets accompanied with seared scallops with a champagne veloute and pea puree were just for starters and were followed by succulent, roast, new- season lamb with pommes puree, creamed cabbage and red onion marmalade; Belgian chocolate fondant with a chilli chocolate sauce and Madagascan vanilla ice cream provided a perfect desert for a truly sumptuous meal served at the chefs table.

The evening cost £48.00 per head including dinner, demonstration and entertainment and it was unanimously deciding that ‘Flavours’ was to be a permanent fixture for the Fish Wives winter programme and a return visit is planned for next year.