Fish Wives Day at Western Court Nr Alresford

We had a wonderful day at Western Court yesterday, there were seven of us in total and every lady caught their two fish! Andrea, Becky and Tracy arrived early in the morning, Andrea caught the first two ( of course!! ) Liz, Sue, June and Christine then joined later in the morning. 

Western Court

Liz joined to fish but also to show our lovely ladies how to tie their own fly. Christine, Sue and Andrea all tied their own then fished with them in the afternoon.  Lunch of course was wonderful, and was even more so as the sun was shining all day long!


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Fish Wives – Fishing Report: Western Court 8th Aug 2013

Lovely summers day, warm with some cloud and light winds.
Crystal clear with some weed
Who Fished:
Christine Ames. Sue Law, Penny Down, Harriet Spain, Jessica Bartlet & Becky Frost (Photographer).
Western Court this lovely private, fishery with three lakes stocked with rainbow trout and a stretch of the river Arle stocked with brown trout; is ideal for Fish Wives.  We were delighted to find that The Big Green Egg Company had installed their Chelsie Show Stand on the edge of the lake which gave us a wonderful location for lunch.
We had a very good, third day here with 14 fish caught between us. Jessica and Harriet arrived early. Harriet went off to catch the first fish on a green nymph. Tracy gave Jessica a lesson including the roll cast and overhead cast leaving her to practice for a while before putting a fly on. She successfully caught and landed her first fish after lunch.   The other ladies arrived and after we had enjoyed a coffee and a walk round the lakes we got on with some fishing.
Christine was straight into her first fish catching three in total. Tracy gave Sue and Penny a lesson on the roll cast.  Penny landed a very nice fish off the deck, followed later by Sue, who caught on a Black Gnat., always a useful fly in the sunshine.
After tea we went to fish onto the bottom lake and Becky caught a couple of nice fish. The only disappointment was that Tracy managed to lose a big one, at the net. It can happen to us all. We  had enough fish for everyone to take a couple home.
Many thanks to Toby Coles for permitting us to use Western Court for the day and we look forward to coming back on 2nd September.
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